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What Classes Can I Take?

Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5: must be approved by teacher. 

Ballet PrePointe: Focusing on strength and flexibility of ankles, feet, and toes.  Perfecting the basics.  Teacher approval required.


Tap/Jazz 1: ages 7 and up or must have completed Variety 2 or be at least 7 years old for a new student.

Tap/Jazz 2: must be approved by teacher.

Theatre Class: ages 9 and up - abilities to work on implementing jazz and tap techniques into the performance and storytelling of Musical Theatre repertoire.


Little Lyrical: ages 6 -7 years old.

Beginning Lyrical: ages 7 and up.

Teen Lyrical: ages 12 and up and must be currently    enrolled in a Ballet class or had at least 1 year of Ballet.

Hip Hop

Little Hoppers: under age 7.

Hip Hop 1: ages 7 and up.

Hip Hop 2: must be approved by teacher.


Little Tumblers: ages 3-7

Acro 1: focuses on cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, backwalkovers, front limbers, and back handsprings.

Acro 2: requires Acro teacher approval. Focuses on back   handsprings, round off back handsprings, front handsprings, side aerials, front aerials, and other advanced tumbling skills.


4-Part Fundamentals 1 - 2: Focusing on core fundamentals of dance, a classs rotating weekly between Leaps & Turns, Contemporary, Improvisation, and Flexibility. Team Coach Approval Required.

Young Expressions/Variety

Young Expression for ages 3-4: a 45 minute class consisting of ballet, tap, and tumbling.

Young Expression 1: ages 3 or 4 for a first year student.

Young Expression 2: you must be 4 years old coming from Young Expression 1.

Variety for ages 5-6: a 1 hour class consisting of ballet, tap, and tumbling.

Variety 1: ages 5 or 6 for a first year student or 5 years old coming from Young Expression 2.

Variety 2: you must be 6 years old or have completed Variety 1.

Toddlin' Twos: for mommy and child. We do ballet, tumbling, and tap in this class. This is for those children under 3 who just want to dance.

Sizzlin' Seniors: for retired seniors looking for some great fun and a good work out.


Team Technique Classes: will be assigned by Team Coach

Student Dress Code

Females: Black or Pink leotard and Pink or Tan tights, hair in bun and pink Ballet shoes. Skirts are only allowed if teacher says it is okay.

Males: Black stretch pants, white shirt, and black Ballet shoes.


Females: Any color leotard and tights, and hair must be up and out of face. You may wear Jazz pants with teacher approval. Any type of Jazz or Tap shoes. Check with your teacher as to the color for recital.

Males: Any color shirt (no improper writing) with stretch pants. Any kind of Jazz or Tap shoe.

Hip Hop

Comfortable clothing, (no jeans) clean white bottom tennis shoes that are not to be worn outside on the street. Jazz shoes may be worn.

Young Expressions/Variety

Females: Any colored leotard and tights, and hair up and out of face, pink leather Ballet shoes and black Tap shoes. They may wear a skirt if they wish.

Males: White shirt and black sweat pants. Black Ballet, Tap, or Jazz shoes.

Toddlin' Twos

Comfortable clothing for the both of you. Many kids come in leotard. Ballet shoes not required but Tap shoes are!!!

Adult Classes

Comfortable clothes, hair up and correct shoes for class you are taking.